• Cult Drum Sounds - Scott Tournet


    Elektric Voodoo, Co-founder of Grace Potter & The Nocturnals
    "I mainly write with drum loops and usually need to add a bunch of room sound, saturation, or reverb to get them to have human feel. With Cult Drum Sounds, I was writing a new song immediately after importing the loops. They got great sounds while still capturing the human element. Their loops and samples are the opposite of sterile."

  • Cult Drum Sounds - Filippo Strang

    Filippo Strang


    "The 1960 sample pack made me forget all my other drum instrument plugins. It is literally a dream for everyone that wants that analog vintage super warm sound like The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones or simply the new indie bands."

  • Cult Drum Sounds - Drewsif Reynolds

    Drewsif Reynolds


    "Unapologetically just impulse bought STACKED because the snare on that fuzz track in the video sounds so damn good."

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