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Looking for a custom drum sound rather than something programmed in the box?

Don't have access to a great drummer?

Struggling to get the vibe you want on your own?

We've got you covered.

Working with us to build a custom drum track is a great way to make your recording process easier while still getting the unique, totally killer drum sounds you want for your track. When you order a CUSTOM DRUM TRACK from Cult Drum Sounds, we provide a truly boutique experience. We record in a professionally treated, incredible sounding drum tracking room with amazing drums, snares, vintage and modern microphones, and analog gear. Our seasoned studio drummers know how to get the take that is perfect for your track, too.

It's easy to get started. After you place your order, we'll get in touch to learn more about the track and ensure that we're a great fit for the style/genre of drums you want for your project. Tell us about the kind of sonic signature you're after and clue us into any specific drum ideas you have for the track. Then, send us your track, guide, or scratch guitar take, and we'll create a fully customized drum track for it. We will also record 2 different takes so you can pick and choose certain fills and vibes for each section of your song.

Your purchase also includes one revision request, where we will address your revisions after you've heard what we have done. We will then take your notes and re-record a take, allowing you to have complete creative control throughout the entire drum recording process. Please note: Each revision after the included first one will be an additional charge of $50 billed to you before the re-record.

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What You Get When You Order a CUSTOM DRUM TRACK:

- A completely customized drum recording for your song

- 1-on-1 communication through email for booking, notes, delivery, and info on your project

- A high quality engineering and studio recording experience

- Access to the best analog recording equipment and treated drum room used on the recording

- Access to a seasoned session drummer

- Labeled multitracks of the drum recording for each take

- Organized digital deliverables

- 1 revision request

- 3 takes of the same song (2 original takes + 1 revision take)

Contact us today for more info on this experience. If you have a larger project or need other music production or mixing, get in touch today for a personalized quote -


Sony C37A (Vintage)
(2x) LOMO 19a9 (Vintage)
KINAP 82a2 (Vintage)
United Studio Technologies FET47
Sennheiser MD409 (Vintage)
(2x) Sennheiser MD441U (Vintage)
Shure 545S (Vintage)
Shure KSM313
(3x) Shure SM57
(3x) Shure SM58
Shure SM7B
Shure 520DX Green Bullet
AKG D12 (Vintage)
Cascade Fathead 2 Gold
Electrovoice 664 (Vintage)


(24x) Trident Preamps
Sound Techniques ZR7064
(2x) Neve 1073
Undertone Audio MPDI-4
Universal Audio LA-610 mkII
Chandler Limited TG2-500
(2x) AEA RPQ500
(2x) A-Designs Pacifica
(2x) TEAC 25-2 Tape Machine Preamps​

Neve 33609 Version C (Vintage)
Old World Audio U33
Highland Dynamics BG1
Highland Dynamics BG2
(2x) Empirical Labs EL8-X Distressors
Audio-Scape V-Comp
Audio-Scape 76D
Chandler Limited TG Opto Comp

(24x) Trident 88 EQ
Chandler Limited Curve Bender EQ
Sound Techniques ZR7064 EQ
(2x) Neve 1073 EQ


1960s Rogers Holiday Kit 24/16/13
1960s Rogers Powertone Snare 5x14
Ludwig Centennial 26/18/16/14
Ludwig Black Beauty Snare 6.5x14
Ludwig Pewter Copperphonic Snare 6.5x14
Ludwig Supralite Snare 6.5x14
Ludwig Supraphonic Snare 6.5x14
Ludwig Acrolite Snare 5x14 (Vintage)
Ludwig Maple Snare 6x14
1950s Slingerland Radio King 7x14
1940s WFL 28" Bass Drum + Snare
Roland TR-08 Drum Machine
Lots of Percussion Pieces