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Note: Not compatible with the free Kontakt Player. Full version of Kontakt 6.6.1 or higher is required.

Cult Drum Sounds: Tape Drum Kontakt Instrument

Inside the TAPE DRUM kontakt instrument

  • 24 tape-processed drum sounds and 73 factory presets recorded, mixed and curated to make building your kit easier than ever
  • 4 microphone character variations available for your kit (Crisp, Natural, Room, and Warm)
  • 6 round robins and 5 velocity layers for ultra-realistic drum sounds
  • 3 different tape models with Drive, Wow, and Flutter
  • Built-in mixing interface for flexibility and ease of use
  • Tune your drum kit to create the perfect sounds for every track
  • Recorded and mixed through analog tape machines for an authentic, vibey sound
  • 3+ GB of samples for incredible detail
  • Compatible with Kontakt 6.6.1 or higher

Note: The TAPE DRUM Kontakt Instrument isn't compatible with the free Kontakt Player; it requires the full version of Kontakt 6.6.1 or higher.

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The TAPE DRUM Kontakt Instrument is a dynamic, buildable drum kit featuring customizable drum sounds recorded and mixed through analog tape machines.

The TAPE DRUM Kontakt instrument puts creativity in your hands, and right in your DAW. Featuring 24 tape-processed drum sounds and 73 factory presets, TAPE DRUM drips with vibe and the unmistakeable sound of vintage tape machines.

Looking for even more control over your sounds? Each TAPE DRUM sound comes with 4 microphone variations (Crisp, Natural, Room, and Warm), plus 6 round robins and 5 velocity layers. Tune your drums, choose from 3 tape models, and adjust the Drive, Wow, and Flutter for a sound that's truly yours, all within the intuitive, built-in mixing interface and tape controls.


We included 4 mic character variations so you can decide your vibe:

CRISP: Bright and vibrant. We recorded and mixed these sounds using FET condenser mics and tube EQs.

NATURAL: Looking for your sonic Goldilocks? Natural offers a mix of brightness and heft, thanks to the tube condenser mics and inductor EQs user during recording and mixing.

ROOM: Raw, spacey, and slightly unhinged. These sounds make you feel like you're in the room with the drums. Recorded and mixed using room mics and limiter compression.

WARM: Fat, dark, and pillowy. We recorded and mixed these sounds with ribbon mics and tube EQs for a dense, dreamy result.


The TAPE DRUM Kontakt Instrument comes with a variety of sounds recorded live in our studio and processed through analog tape machines:


  • Black Kick
  • Onyx Kick
  • Vintage Kick


  • Beauty Snare
  • Beauty Moon Snare
  • Copper Snare
  • Copper Moon Snare
  • Dead Copper Snare
  • Onyx Snare
  • Dead Supra Snare
  • Supra Snare

Hi Hats:

  • 15-inch HH
  • 16-inch HH
  • 18-inch HH


  • Onyx Tom
  • Onyx Moon Tom
  • Dead Onyx Tom

Floor Toms:

  • Onyx Floor Tom
  • Onyx Moon Floor Tom
  • Dead Onyx Floor Tom


  • 22-inch Ride
  • 23-inch Ride


  • 18-inch Crash
  • 20-inch Crash


The TAPE DRUM Kontakt Instrument features an intuitive interface that leaves creativity entirely in your hands. Within the interface, you can customize sounds to suit your track:

  • Adjust volume and tune drum samples
  • Select drums to build your kit
  • Choose from 4 microphone character variations to refine your sounds and suit your tracks
  • Enjoy 3 tape models and easily accessible tape modifications
  • Mix directly in the interface with built-in mixing tools for volume, panning, master, and room reverb
  • Quickly and easily launch a session with our 73 included presets
  • Build drum tracks from scratch to level-up a mix or create a base for songwriting


The TAPE DRUM Kontakt Instrument includes 24 tape-processed drum sounds, 73 factory presets, 4 microphone variations, 3 tape models, 6 round robins, and 5 velocity layers, plus a built-in mixing interface and tape mods for Drive, Wow, and Flutter utilizing over 3GB of samples.

  • Not available for the free Kontakt Player (FULL VERSION REQUIRED)
  • Requires Kontakt 6.6.1 or higher
  • All samples are delivered at 44.1kHz/24-bit
  • Cult Drum Sounds - Sherrill Allen

    Sherrill Allen

    "These libraries are incredible. Making them playable in Kontakt is a game changer too. You get a ton of usable options and plenty of control with each. If you're looking for an acoustic drum sound that's larger than life then rest assured-you've found it."

  • Cult Drum Sounds - Filippo Passamonti

    Filippo Passamonti

    "TAPE DRUM made my drum production ridiculously easier. It's my go to when I need my drums to sound real and timeless."

  • Cult Drum Sounds - David Blackman

    David Blackman

    "TAPE DRUM has some great sounds and dynamic range - earthy and delicate when played soft but can get really punchy when played hard. Room, tape and drive settings allow you to dial in different sounds as well as assembling your own mixture of kit. Well done … loving it!"

  • Cult Drum Sounds - Joshual


    "I love how much you can individually control & customise each sound in the kit. Tape Drum has an impressive range of flavours which guarantees you’ll be able to find the perfect fit for your mix!"

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