Q: Why are your samples stereo?​

A: Our samples are stereo because we mix them down through analog equipment and go for a slight stereo effect on some of them. With our analog equipment there are always slight differences between left and right which creates a bigger sound and image. If you prefer mono, simply just split the track into two mono samples. 

Q: Are your drum sample libraries a plugin that I can use in a DAW?

A: No, our libraries do not include a plugin or software that you install. Our libraries are .wav files that you can import into sessions, samplers, ect... to help you make a track. Simply add our libraries to your drum sample folders on your computer.

Q: What is your refund policy?

A: Because we offer digital products and they cannot be returned, we do not offer refunds. We offer many demos of the audio in the libraries and even have free samples that can be downloaded before purchasing. We will refund you if our store software lets us know that you haven't downloaded the product yet or your account was incorrectly charged. 

Q: Are your samples and loops Royalty Free?

A: Yes our samples and loops are 100% Royalty Free. You can use them in your tracks, mixes, songs, videos. Restricted Use of our Products: You cannot resell or remix/repurpose our samples and loops to be used in a library you sell or market. 

Q: Do you offer any presets with your libraries?

A: Yes, most of our libraries will come with presets. We offer .TCI and .GOG trigger files for our samples as well. We are currently working on Reason 11 Kong Kits, Battery 4 Kits, Ableton 10 Drum Rack Presets, and Logic EXS24 / Logic 10.5 Sampler Presets for each of our libraries. 
** Ableton 10 Presets are not backwards compatible with previous versions (ie: Ableton 9) - They are forward compatible.
Visit here for more info on compatibility.

Q: How are your presets MIDI Mapped?

A: We use General Midi Mapping for our drum presets. Below are some of our basic MIDI Maps


Kick - C1

Snare - D1

Rack Tom - G1

Floor Tom - F1

Closed HH - F#1

Open HH - A#1

Ride - D#2

Crash - C#2


Kick 1 - C1

Kick 2 - B0

Snare 1 - D1

Snare 2 - E1

Low Floor Tom - F1

Floor Tom - G1

Mid Tom - A1

Hi Tom - B1

Closed HH - F#1

Open HH - A#1

Crash 1 - C#2

Crash 2 - A2

Ride 1 - D#2

Ride 2 - B2


Sound 1 - C1

Sound 2 - D1

Sound 3 - E1

Sound 4 - F1

Sounds 5 - G1

Sound 6 - A1

Sound 7 - B1

Sound 8 - C2

Sound 9 - D2

Sound 10 - E2

Sound 11 - F2


​IMPORTANT: For all formats, the file and folder structure of the library must stay the same as the original structure for the various software sampler programs to find the location of the samples when loading the kits. DO NOT CHANGE THE NAMES of any of the samples, presets, or folders, otherwise certain programs will not be able to find them.​

Opening Reason 11 Kong Kits

1. Open Reason.

2. In the browser, navigate to the drum sample library folder.

3. Find the "Reason" preset folder. Double click on the Kong Kit you want to load.

Opening Ableton 10 Drum Rack Presets

1. Open Ableton.

2. Add the ' Sample Library ' folder to the ' Places ' section of the sidebar.

3. Open the Live browser and click on "Add Folder..." at the bottom of the ' Places ' section.

4. Select the ' Sample Library ' folder and click " OK ".

5. The Sample Library drum racks (.adg files) and samples will now be shown in the places section of the Ableton Live browser. Ableton presets will appear in the ' PRESETS ' folder. Click on the ' PRESETS ' folder > Open the "ABLETON" folder to access the Ableton drum racks (.adg file extension)

Note: If Ableton is not able to locate the files, perform an automatic search of your system. After you complete this search you may have to save your drum rack presets again.

Opening Logic EXS24/ Logic 10.5 Sampler Presets

1. Open Logic and create a new software instrument plugin.

2. Open Sampler (formerly known as EXS24 Sampler)

3. In the Sampler menu, navigate to Load. Then navigate to ' Sample Library ' > PRESETS > LOGIC SAMPLER​

4. Select any kit within the folder to load it.

For Older Versions of Logic with EXS24 Sampler

1. In the EXS24 Sampler click Edit.

2. A grey window will open and at the top of the window open the "Instrument" menu. 

3. Click "Open" and navigate to the PRESETS folder > LOGIC SAMPLER and load an EXS24 kit.​

Opening .TCI Files with Slate Trigger 2

1. Open Slate Trigger 2 in your DAW > Click the ' Settings ' button on the left > Click the ' Select Base Dir ' button.

2. Select the ' Sample Library ' folder.

3. Click the ' Browser ' button on the left. You should see three folders (LOOPS, PRESETS & SAMPLES). Click the " + " icon for ' PRESETS ', then click on ' TCI FILES 'folder.

4. Inside this folder you will find all the TCI (.tci) files. Each of these .tci files contains multiple velocity samples and round robin sequencing built in.

5. Simply drag and drop each of these files into the Trigger mixer area. 

Note: You may want to check phase when combining multiple .TCI files!

Opening Battery 4 Presets

1. Open Battery 4 in your DAW or standalone. Go to the Menu (upside down triangle icon at the top of the screen) > Edit > Preferencers > Library > Select The User tab.

2. Click the "Add" button. Then, select the ' Sample Library ' folder and press Choose.

3. After you have selected the ' Sample Library ' folder containing all of the samples, press Scan. Battery 4 will now scan the library and add the tagged kits and samples to the Battery 4 browser.

4. Go to: File > Open Kit > Navigate to the BATTERY 4 folder with the ' Sample Library ' PRESETS folder > Select a kit.

Note: In Battery 4, make sure the User icon is selected (next to 'Factory' on the left side of the screen) to see the ' Sample Library ' kits and samples in the browser.

Opening .GOG Files with Drumagog

1. Open Drumagog in your DAW.

2. Use the navigation window on the left hand side to locate the ' Sample Library ' folder.

3. Navigate to the PRESETS folder, then to the GOG FILES folder.

4. Pick a drum sound folder you'd like to load. Load that .GOG file into the Drumagog Interface / Mixer.​

How do I import your samples into my sampler?

We can't include every sampler here but we've compiled a small list of videos that show you how to import 3rd-party drum samples into some samplers.

Battery 4

Kontakt 6

Superior Drummer 3


Ableton Drum Rack